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Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., President of Advantage Leadership, Inc. works with leaders that have a strong vision and want to turn that vision into a reality with bottom-line results. Rebecca works with companies and individuals to implement the leadership system of the U.S. founding fathers and successful contemporary leaders.

Let me share the insights of these extraordinary leaders with you as our team works with you to improve:

  • Bottom-line performance
  • Employee engagement and productivity
  • Customer relationships
  • Business process performance
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Rebecca says, "Enjoy history and business, 'ancient and modern.'".

Table of Contents

Author's Forward 1
    How the "Mighty Little Madison" Saved My Life
Preamble 7
Article I 25
    Deal With the Real
Article II 39
    Bring Vision to Reality
Article III 69
    Get People on a Mission
Article IV 83
    The Road Re-Traveled
Article V 103
    "Mistakes Were Made"
Article VI 135
    Execution is Harder than Revolution
Article VII 165
    Nurturing Human Nature
Amendments 189
    Failure to Improve is Not an Option
Postscript 205
    What is Strategic Leadership?
Chapter Notes 221
Acknowledgements 237
Bibliography 243
Index 255

Chapter Summaries

Each chapter tackles one aspect of strategic leadership based on the experiences of the framers of the U.S. Constitution and contemporary executives. Modern examples contain both in-depth interviews and case studies.

Historical background of the Constitutional Convention; introduction of 20 modern executives profiled in the book; introduction of the main themes -
  • What is strategic leadership?
  • How can we learn positive lessons from flawed individuals?
  • Why does success in tough times require the rare combination of vision and execution?

    Article I -- Deal With the Real
    Strategic leaders, past and present, face facts unflinchingly; examples from the lead up to the Constitutional Convention and modern executives wrestling with harsh reality.

    Article II -- Bring Vision to Reality
    Strategic leaders articulate a vision and make it clear to others; Declaration of Independence embodies the U.S. founders' vision; leaders build a culture to support the vision.

    Article III -- Get People on a Mission
    The Preamble to the Constitution as an example of a perfect mission statement; modern leaders get every employee engaged in the mission day-to-day; mission drives decision making.

    Article IV -- The Road Re-Traveled
    Good strategic planning sessions are messy; the framers and modern executive teams go back over decisions, digress, throw out ideas that morph into something else, and allow the creative process to run its convoluted course.

    Article V -- "Mistakes Were Made"
    How brilliant, thoughtful leaders can make bad decisions; framers installed slavery in the Constitution; modern leaders make major mistakes; psychological framing and how to reverse it and avoid bad decisions; creating alternative frames.

    Article VI -- Execution is Harder than Revolution
    How the framers translated the Constitution into a government; how modern leaders get their plans working in the real world; strategies for employee engagement.

    Article VII -- Nurturing Human Nature
    Framers and modern leaders are astute observers of human nature; understand and apply human nature to implementation strategies; build teams through shared objectives not artificial team building activities.

    Amendments -- Failure to Improve is Not an Option
    The framers built in amendment process to continuously perfect the union; modern leaders pursue a wide variety of continuous improvement strategies to grow and evolve.

    Postscript -- What is Strategic Leadership?
    Synopsis of modern research on strategic leadership and its results; George Washington as a prototypical strategic leader; modern leadership examples of this style in action.

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